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SmartSol provides various services to private and public organizations and R&D actors looking to develop international partnerships to advance their technologies


Core research and





> 18 years of experience in innovative project management

SmartSol in numbers

>20 years of experience in core R&D activities: ICT, IIoT 



> 37 EU projects

participated by members of the team 


About SmartSol

SmartSol is a joint-stock company located in Riga.

SmartSol covers different areas of operation: R&D core activities and expertise in ICT.

Combining a business perspective based on 20 years of deep industry expertise and symbiosis with industrial partners and scientific institutions, SmartSol solves challenging problems with a focus on sustainability and innovation.


Cutting-edge technology

Together with well-established industry frontrunners, SmartSol creates innovative solutions within domains of Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G data networks, Big Data, Autonomous driving, E-learning platforms, Digital healthcare, Water management, Energy and Climate, Agriculture and Civil engineering.

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Core research and development

Our team members have been conducting research for numerous years in areas related to the design, management and performance evaluation of high-speed telecommunication infrastructures and services, software engineering, and business process management.

In doing so participating in EU projects at the same time  SmartSol has been publishing extensively in top journals and magazines worldwide, e.g., IEEE, ACM, Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, and contributing to the main conferences in the field.



  • End-to-end customized software development 

  • Management functionality for Intelligent Systems, 

  •  IoT software prototypes design & development, System integration, testing &  demonstration  

  • Development of AI algorithms  

  • 5G-enabled cooperative and connected mobility solutions   



SmartSol provides project management services for knowledge-driven organisations and researchers. 

We identify and evaluate the potentially successful project idea for R&D institutions and companies and find relevant calls. 

SmartSol can help to develop and execute the project exploitation strategy (including IPR definition) to ensure the sustainability, applocability and long-term impact of the technical and scientific outcomes of the project.


We collaborate with


Ongoing projects


ArchitectECA 2030

The overall key targets of ArchitectECA2030 are the robust mission-validated traceable design of electronic components and systems (ECS), the quantification of an accepted residual risk of ECS for CAVs to enable type approval, and an increasedend-user acceptance due to more reliable and robust ECS. 

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The AI4CSM project will deliver key innovations in sensor fusion and perception platforms; efficient propulsion and energy modules; advanced connectivity for cooperative mobility applications; vehicle/edge/cloud computing integration concepts; new digital platforms for efficient and federated computing; intelligent components based on trustworthy AI techniques and methods.

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HosmartAI will create a common open Integration Platform with the necessary tools to facilitate and measure the benefits of integrating digital technologies (robotics and AI) in the healthcare system. 

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iPROLEPSIS aspires to shed light upon the health-to-PsA transition with a comprehensive multiscale/multifactorial PsA model employing novel trustworthy AI-based analysis of multisource and heterogenous data, digital phenotyping of inflammatory symptoms with emphasis on tracking of motor manifestations using smart devices and wearables.


DIOPTRA will examine the efficacy of network modelling and AI-based DSS for early primary Colorectal Cancer (CRC) identification, training a set of models on large volumes of primary CRC data including in-situ and metastatic carcinomas, using the latter as a knowledge base for CUP analysis.




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