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KDT-JU kick-off meetings are back!

Updated: May 17, 2022

After two years of online events, SmartSol SIA together with members of the European Electronic Components & Systems (ECS) community were delighted to meet again in person at the KDT Kick-off and Brokerage 2022, 3-4 May!

The event was organised by the three Industry Associations – AENEAS, EPoSS and Inside – who represent the private sector within the JU.

Ralf Bornefeld, Chair of the KDT JU Governance Board, spoke of the importance of the KDT JU in an ever more digital world.

A joint approach is vital for Europe’s future, he said. By building leadership in KDT, Europe can reduce its dependency on other regions – all the more important in the light of the pandemic, geopolitical tensions and the war in Ukraine.

Round table with KDT JU governance representatives

Europe doesn’t need to do everything alone, he added, but it should be able to cover the whole value chain. He called for the ECS community to act as one team, balancing diversity while acting together to go faster and speed decision-making. Referring to the proposed transition from

the KDT JU to the Chips JU, Mr Bornefeld, again stressed balance. He noted the need for ‘classical KDT’ topics as well as leading edge semiconductors in order to deliver benefits for society as a whole.

Turning to the financial commitments, Ms Bedran said that EU is contributing 1.8 billion Euros to the KDT JU. This is a significant increase over ECSEL, creating scope to generate numerous projects of value for Europe and its ECS industry.

Ralf Bornefald is giving a speech, KDT-JU kick-off, Hotel Le Plaza Brussels

SmartSol is excited to hear about new technology for processing Big Data from professional video recordings

SmartSol is glad to be a part of innovation ecosystem of the EU. We are looking forward to commit to new challenging projects to build more safe, sustainable and resilient Europe.

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